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New Ideas for the City 

As your new Mayor I will propose the following new ideas while working in collaboration with the City Council:

1. Monthly Coffee Chats with the Mayor 

As the next Mayor of Monrovia, I would like to implement Monthly Coffee chats with the Mayor and the public. These coffee chats will serve as a way for community members/ residents to further engage with those who are working for them in a direct and more informal environment all while discussing upcoming events and other items of interest in town. I want to keep residents informed on all matters regarding the city and to hear their voice of concerns and these coffee chats will help to do so! 


2. Transforming the Gold Line Depot

With the continued expansion of the Gold Line, Monrovia’s Train Depot can serve as a vital part of Monrovia’s revenue with the development of food and retail businesses. During my term as Mayor, I will advocate and push for the transformation/ retail development of Station Square’s Depot. This implementation will bring more attraction to the city, serve as a tourist attraction to this historic landmark, all while creating and bringing the beautiful ambiance of Monrovia’s downtown to the South end of the city! With the Station Square Park located on site, the transformation of the Depot will be an enhancement to this family friendly space with an inclusive environment. 

In addition, with the transformation of Station Square Depot and as a way to promote and assist small businesses to recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, I want to help execute an Entrepreneurship Day to be held twice a year. Local artists, businesses, young start up companies', etc. will be showcased as residents get to learn about their work in a family friendly space! 


3. Affordable Housing Plan

I believe everyone has the right to live comfortably in a safe home. I will do everything within my means to help accomplish this.

As homelessness and affordable housing continues to become an increasingly important issue that affects Monrovia, as the new Mayor, I will work with the local U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Field Office to discuss their six step program for the procurement of land to build affordable housing.


4. Expansion of Senior Services

Our seniors are an integral part of our community. As Monrovia expands, it is vital that we continue to support our seniors through services currently in place such as recreational classes, informational programs and other activities offered by the city. 

My proposal as Mayor would be to increase funding as well as obtain grants in order to provide additional activities to enhance these programs such as: Increase awareness of the senior clubs, provide lunch from our local restaurants from twice a month to weekly and add additional chartered bus excursions. 


5. Re-Establish Friday Night Teen Scene

In an effort to keep our youth in a safe environment, I propose to revive and enhance the Friday Night Teen Scene to be held year round at the Community Center and Library. These expanded services will allow teens to come together in a fun and wholesome environment.  Partner with the Monrovia School District to bring about more awareness of this program.

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Mayor of Monrovia 2024
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