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For over a decade, it has been my honor to serve you as a Councilmember. We've journeyed together, making strides in, stimulating economic growth, fostering equity, enhancing safety, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. Now, I am ready to deepen that commitment as your next Mayor. The lessons we’ve learned and the victories we’ve celebrated pave the way for a future ripe with possibility.

My roots here run deep in Monrovia through service, both civilian and military, and a multitude of volunteer efforts, I have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of our city's needs and the mechanisms of effective governance.

As Mayor, my priority will be to ensure that every voice is heard. I pledge to work collaboratively with city staff, tapping into the wellspring of their expertise to address municipal challenges. Partnering with schools, community organizations, and businesses will be paramount to foster a city that takes care of its youth, elderly, veterans, and those without homes.

My family stands as a testament to what this city embodies. Delphine, my partner of 31 years, and our three children—Savannah, Lawrence, and Lailah—are all products of Monrovia's outstanding public schools. Their subsequent successes as college graduates underscore the strength of our educational system and the supportive community that is Monrovia.

I am ready to harness our collective potential and steer Monrovia towards a future where tradition and innovation coexist, where every resident can find prosperity, and where the city itself stands as a beacon of excellence.

On March 5, 2024, I ask for your vote. Let us continue to build Monrovia's legacy together.

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Mayor of Monrovia 2024
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